About LCDS

The idea for the Lorain County Dental Society (LCDS) began in 1898 when a small group of dentists from various cities in Lorain County started meeting four times a year. Founding dates vary from 1898 to 1908 with 1908 being the most popular. Our charter shows a date of 1913.

Lorain County Dental Society Charter from the Ohio Dental Society, 1913


However, it was not until 1920 that the Society really got underway with 23 members and quarterly meetings.

As the years went on,  more meetings were added including an annual meeting held at one of the golf clubs in Lorain or Elyria. Society activities also increased.  In 1956 the members gave a Dental Assistants Certification Course. Four assistants graduated and took the State Board. The same year, Mrs. Gladys Hopkins of Elyria, dental assistant for Dr. M. D. Haag, was president of the Ohio Dental Assistants Association. More recently, LCDS has offered a course on making temporary crowns and continues to offer the Renewal Continuing Education Course for Dental Radiographers annually in October.

Continuing Education (CE) courses on various subjects are also offered in February, March and April with Infection Control/OSHA refreshers held in October each year. Social events include a dinner held in November and a fun Spring event that varies from year to year.

The LCDS Newsletter began when Dr. Melvin Haag of Elyria was elected President of the Lorain County Dental Society in 1962.  He published it monthly.  With a style all his own, over 24 years, “Dr. Pritchart” came to be known to the O.D.A. and to every dental society in Ohio. What “Doc Pritch says” reduced to simple term our greatest fears. Like most things, the newsletter has evolved over the years to its present form which allows it to be in color if distributed via email or posted on this website.

The Lorain County Dental Society has been blessed to have many members prominently represented in the field:

  • Dr. Melvin Haag of Elyria was appointed to the Editorial Board of the O.D.A. and  has received the O.D.A.’s Award of Achievement.
  • In 1968 Dr. Ray Phipps of Oberlin was elected Vice-President of the Executive Board of the Ohio Dental Association. In 1970 he became President of the O.D.A.
  • Dr. Robert L. Schroeder of Elyria was appointed to the Ohio State Dental Board by Governor James Rhodes in 1977 for a five year tem. He served as the Board’s President in 1980 and 1981. For his services on the Council of Dental Care as Secretary and the Ohio State Dental Board, Dr. Schroeder received the Award of Achievement the following year.
  • In 1985 Dr. John N. Stack of Vermilion was elected Treasurer to the Executive Committee of the Ohio Dental Association and re-elected in 1986, 1987 and 1988.
  • Dr. Joseph M. Liszeki received the Award of Achievement from the O.D.A. for his work in the establishment of the Dental Service of The Lorain County Free Clinic.
  • From June 1, 1990 to December 31, 1991 (19 months) Dr. Robert C. Skillicorn of Elyria served the Lorain County Dental Society with the longest modern term as its President.

LCDS Officers for 2017:

Dr.Julie A. Corbin, President

Dr. Casey O’Conor, President-Elect/Treasurer

Dr. Jason Barb , Vice-President

Dr. Melanie Satterfield, Secretary

Dr. Richard Marcucci, Member at Large

Dr. John Venzel, Member at Large

Dr. Jennifer Robb, Member at Large (Newsletter and Website)

Dr. Laura Pall, Peer Review Chairman